Councillor calls on ALL dog owners to behave responsibly as dog fouling is again problematic near Pensiarwaun Bus Shelter


Only a few months following a campaign at Penisarwaun near Caernarfon to tackle anti-social behaviour by dog owners not cleaning up after their animals, Gwynedd Councillor Hefin Williams is again urging the community to join forces to tackle the on-going problem.

“This is the third year in a run where we have had to bring resources together to try and tackle this disgusting habit. It is a problem that affects the whole community, and although our community here at Penisarwaun is not alone in trying to tackle this problem, residents and officers have been surprised at the scale of the problem in one area of the village.

“The majority of dog owners are responsible caring citizens, who enjoy looking after their animals, come out for a walk and clear up any dog mess on the streets. But unfortunately there is a handful of people who are continually breaking the law and letting their animlas foul our streets.

“It is a disgusting habit, and one which the whole community at Penisarwaun has had enough of seeing. It is a blight on our landscape and one that is affecting us in one specific part of the village in particular.

“People using the bus service in the village are affected directly, as the scale of the problem can be seen and smelt near the bus shelter. It is completely ironic that a dog bin is located only a few yards from the bus shelter. I would urge ALL dog owners to use the facilities provided for their pets.”

It is a criminal offence in Gwynedd to allow your dog to foul any public space and to take a dog onto designated children’s play areas, school grounds, sports pitches and certain beaches (April-September). Offenders are liable to receive a £100 fixed penalty, with failure to pay potentially leading to a court summons and a fine of up to £1,000.

Councillor Williams continued: “We have worked pro-actively with the community, with Gwynedd Council services, Penisarwaun Community Council and with the Tidy Towns* scheme in recent months to highlight the problem. We had a fantastic response to sessions held with school pupils at Ysgol Penisarwaun educating the youngsters about the problem. Subsequently a few months later, the children’s colourful posters have been placed around the village reminding dog users to ‘Bag it and Bin it.”

“We’ve worked tremendously hard to try and tackle the issue, so I would urge all dog owners to respect our community, respect one another and enjoy caring for these pets responsibly.”

Gwynedd’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor John Wynn Jones said: “There are no grey areas when it comes to dog fouling in public spaces - owners must bag their dogs’ mess and place it in a bin. This is especially important in our towns and villages where children often play in areas where people walk their dogs due to an increased risk of a serious disease called Toxicariasis.”

Many dogs are infected with parasites which can be harmful to people, especially children. Toxocariasis is a disease caused when the eggs of toxocara worms are transferred from dogs to people through infected dog mess or soil. Infection can lead to serious illness even causing blindness and other complications to individuals affected.